Avoid early system failures by performing a complete system repair.

Save Money

Save money on labor by doing a full system repair on jobs that require the technician to remove the belt. The technician already has to remove the belt, so replacing it along with the tensioner and pulleys saves car owners money on labor and can prevent premature system failure.

Avoid Roadside Breakdowns

All the parts in a system are engineered to work together and wear at about the same rate. Be system smart and repair or replace the full system and not just a single part.

Save Time

If your car is already there, do a full system repair. If the car is already receiving maintenance, a full system repair can help prevent another trip to the shop in the near future.

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Car Owners

Your car is one of the most important assets that you own. It provides you with safe, reliable transportation. The serpentine, cooling, and timing systems are critical for your engines optimal performance and consist of several different parts. Protect yourself and your vehicle from preventable breakdowns and expensive repairs by maintaining these parts together as a system.

You don’t just replace one shoe…

By maintaining and replacing parts together as a system, you can avoid coming back to the shop, and ensure your vehicle stays on the road, getting you where you need to go safely and reliably.


You want to keep your customers happy, and keep their cars on the road. But replacing one part of the serpentine, cooling, or timing systems isn’t enough and can result in unhappy customers returning with additional repairs sooner rather than later. When you have a vehicle in your bay, be system smart and avoid comebacks by doing a complete repair.

Gates has you covered.

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Preventative System Maintenance

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